Services we offer

Addiction Counseling

Having emotional, social, financial, relational, spiritual, or physical problems as result of a compulsive behavior? Increased consequences are a common sign of addiction. Have you failed at efforts to stop despite adverse consequences? There is help. 

Admitting you are addicted to illicit or prescription drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, love, gaming or other compulsive behaviors, is the first step to recovery. 

Your chances of sobriety drastically improve with therapeutic support and a supportive social network. We are here to help you create a plan that favors success for you. We know you did not chose addiction and want to help you create lasting change that improves your quality of life and relationships. addiction in Colorado Springs

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling is instrumental to identifying personal values, cultures, barriers, strengths and coping mechanisms that promote or hinder healing and recovery. 

Our therapists are committed to understanding the individual uniqueness of each client through the process of individual therapy. That's why our therapists use assessments and screening tools  to aid in diagnosis and  treatment planning.

Marriage & Couples Counseling

Whether married or in a significant relationship, our therapists are trained to understand the intrinsic values and cultures that define your relationship, to enhance intimacy and the bonds of trust. 

Whether you’re in a gay or lesbian relationship, value open marriage, or honor traditional, or contemporary marital vows, we work with couples across the spectrum using Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). Couples often see improvements in their intimacy within 8-10 sessions. We’re here to help you create healthy habits of empathy, communication, and sexuality. 

Affair & Infidelity Counseling

Affairs and or other intimate relationships can result in the partner experiencing betrayal trauma. Affair recovery includes rebuilding trust and can mark the beginning of the healing process leading to greater honesty and intimacy in a relationship. If you are confused, suspicious, and or doubt your partner’s loyalty, our experienced therapists are here to help. 

EMDR & Trauma Counseling

Traumatic events are unique to each of us. Whether you have diagnosed with PTSD, or have secondary, or tertiary traumatic experiences, our therapists are trained in EMDR to help you minimize or resolve re-occurring trauma symptoms, often developed for coping with everyday stressors/fear, loss, insomnia, or depression.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is often used for trauma counseling in the treatment of anxiety. It is well researched and established therapy that includes images, mindfulness, and cognitive techniques. It involves focus on a traumatic (or disturbing) memory while doing bilateral eye movements and listening to alternating tones or feeling alternating vibrations in your hands.

This process allows the brain to resolve emotional trauma and gain insight that is more effective than traditional talk therapy. EMDR therapy can often be resolved in less than 6 sessions in addition to an intake, history and preparation session. However for multiple traumas or long history of past abuse, trauma or neglect, EMDR can take considerably longer to resolve the presenting issues. 

Therapeutic Concierge Services

Many clients need additional support services. Our therapists provide services such as accompanying clients during travel for couples work, intensive’s, and recommended workshops across the country. 

Concierge Services are unique to the client's therapy and are often in conjunction with Patrick Carnes 30 Tasks, or Recovery principles. Such services may include; recommended intensives, inpatient treatments, couples intensives/workshops, partner disclosures, meetings, etc. 

Pricing is unique to the distance traveled, therapeutic versus travel time, and includes an ‘away from home fee’ in addition to therapists hourly rate. 


Group Counseling

Group counseling provides alternative support, experiences, and empowerment for clients through sharing of similar experiences with therapeutic guidance. It can enhance ones individual therapeutic progress and encourage change quicker than individual therapy alone. Groups are designed to support common issues for couples, addicted individuals and families struggle with within the community. 

Group Titles

  • Grief and Loss 
  • Money/Work Management
  • Mindfulness for Stress Management 
  • Sex Addiction 
  • Pornography Addiction 
  • Partner Betrayal 
  • Divorce Recovery 
  • Affair Recovery
  • Yoga Therapy 

Community Workshops and Intensives

  • Building Intimacy for Couples 
  • How to talk to your kids about Sex, Pornography, and Dating (parents workshop)
  • “Physical Integrity and Boundary Setting” (ages 15-17)
  • “Lets talk, Sex, Dating, and Pornography” (ages 12-14) 

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**See therapist for upcoming groups, costs, and registration. Most groups run 6-16 weeks in length and alternate, others offered consecutively throughout the year.